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"I conquered the sun itself, what makes you think that something like Hamon was somehow beyond my reach?"

— Kars

Kars Hamon is an upgraded version of Hamon Requiem. It is based on the powerful Hamon Kars used after becoming the Ultimate Life Form. Unlike its in-game predecessor, it is not non-canon.

How to obtain:

To get Kars Hamon you need 100,000 points and level 80 Hamon Requiem, so you can use the Thunder attack.

After you have these requirements go to desert and find a special cactus and do Thunder on the cactus with wavy sand raised around its base. This cactus is not always in the same location so you will have to inspect all of them until you find the right one.

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[Click] Basic Attack

Medium speed punches that do medium damage.

[Q] Kars Barrage (Level 30, 17 second recharge, Cost 10 Stamina)

High damage barrage that stuns enemies hit by it, unlike other versions of Hamon, you can move while using this barrage.

[E] Kars Heal (Level 60, 22 second recharge, Cost 60 Stamina)

Heals 20% of your HP.

[R] Light Speed (Level 100, 2 second recharge, Cost 10 Stamina)

A very long dash that uses much less stamina than the regular dash and can go much farther if you jump while using it.

[F] Kars Shield (Level 110, 28 second recharge, Cost 10 Stamina)

A Hamon shield is generated around you protecting you from all damage for a few seconds.

[C] Storm (Level 120, 22 second recharge, Cost 10 Stamina)

Strikes lightning over a massive area doing very high damage and stunning all enemies caught by the attack.


  • This was originally Mythical when released, but was demoted to Legendary when True Ultimate Life Form was released.