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Joseph outside the yellow house

"Oh My God!"

— Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar is a boss located in the Jungle area. To fight him you must get regular Hamon up to level 80 and then go to the old man hidden to the far left of the Jungle entrance. Press C to talk to the man and enter the fight. When fighting Joseph you will have stands, Anubis, and any spec other than regular Hamon taken away. Joseph attacks very fast allowing him to do a lot of damage if you aren't careful when fighting him. Upon defeating Joseph you will be reset and then your Hamon will be upgraded to Hamon Requiem.

Another Joesph NPC is a part of the Kars Easter Egg. He is in front of a large yellow house in the spawn area, and clicking on him with an Aja Stone in your hand will make it into an Aja Stone Mask.

Spawn Time: 3 minutes

Damage: 225

Cash: 375

EXP: 5200

Points: 9