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Gold Experience Requiem

Gold Experience Over Heaven is a stand that appears to be an over heaven version of Gold Experience Requiem. It also has 2 skins, one gray and one blue, which can be bought with 2,000,000 Yen or 50 Robux each. It is currently unobtainable.

It can be enchanted a total of 7 times for a maximum damage boost of 35%. When enchanted not only do the colors of it change, but the model changes as well.


[Click] Basic Attack

Very high speed punches with very high damage. This damage is higher than all other stands, likely to balance the fact that you might not choose to use the DIO skin with this stand because of the Giorno Boss skin also buffing the stand, while you would almost always use it with others since they don't have their own specific skins.

[Q] Path of Trees (Level 30, 14 second recharge, 11.2 seconds with Giorno Boss skin, costs 20 Stamina)

GEOH creates a path of trees going in the direction you are facing, dealing damage to anything that gets caught in them. For about 2.5 seconds after using this move, you will be unable to use any of GEOH's abilities, including basic attacks.

[E] Health (Level 60, 12 second recharge, 9.6 seconds with Giorno Boss skin, costs 80 Stamina)

GEOH punches its user, healing them for about 20% of their max HP.

[R] Ultimate Jungle (Level 100, 15 second recharge, 12 seconds with Giorno Boss skin, requires 60 Stamina)

GEOH grows a tree through any enemies in the move's range, which is four times larger than GER's Grow Jungle. This move also grows trees around you regardless of if there are enemies, essentially making obstacles for anyone trying to get near you.

[F] Scorpion of Death (Level 110, 14 second recharge, 11.2 seconds with Giorno Boss skin, costs 50 Stamina)

Gold Experience Over Heaven shoots a scorpion towards the direction the cursor is pointed, and if it is pointed at an enemy it will put them in the infinite death loop. This attack deals a medium amount of damage. The scorpion projectile is a hitscan, meaning the instant the move it used, the target is affected, and this ability has no range limit. Gold Experience Over Heaven deals 55%~ of the damage of GER's Infinite Death. The damage increases to 74%~ when max enchanted.

[C] Revert to Zero (Level 120, 20 second recharge, 16 seconds with Giorno Boss skin, costs 50 Stamina)

GEOH emits flashing lights, canceling Time Stop, Time Erase, Epitaph, Immunity, and Time Acceleration. This move does 2 separate Revert to Zeros, so any moves it normally would cancel being activated while it is still reverting will be cancelled as well as those used before it being activated. Along with giving temporary invincibility, this also cancels any invulnerability moves used by any stand, except variants of D4C's Love Train and Dimension Hop. This move is different from the passive skill. The invincibility from this lasts about 5 seconds.

[Passive] Revert to Zero

GEOH has a 40% chance to cancel any attacks done to them. When this activates a flash of light will be seen.

[Passive] Back to Life

When you are killed by a player or NPC, you have a 30% chance to be revived with full health. Unlike the Time Rewind of KQR and KQOH, this will not revive you if you reset your Roblox character. When this activates a flash of light will be seen.