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"The one who took the first napkin determines everything. The rules of this world are determined by the same principle as 'right, or left?'! In a society like this table, a state of equilibrium, once one makes the first move everyone must follow! In every era...This world has been operating by this napkin principle."

— Funny Valentine

D4C Requiem is the requiem evolution of D4C that is obtained by defeating the Funny Valentine boss. It looks like max enchant D4C with regular D4C colors, the hood and cape of KCR, and the shoulder pads of SPOH. Unlike its normal counterpart, it cannot be enchanted.


[Click] Basic Attack

D4CR does above average damage punches at a high speed.

[Q] Requiem Barrage (Level 30, 12 second recharge, costs 20 stamina)

D4CR does a high damage barrage that stuns enemies it hits.

[E] Universe Hop (Level 60, 14 second recharge, costs 20 stamina)

D4CR goes into a different dimension for 5 seconds, making it invisible and invincible. In this dimension it can still interact with the regular world and do all attacks.

[R] Full Love Train (Level 100, 44 second recharge, costs 14 stamina)

D4CR activates Love Train and becomes invincible for 8 seconds. You cannot hurt anyone with basic attacks for the duration of this, however Requiem Barrage, Magnetite Bunshin, and Infinite Twins still deal damage. Using Full Love Train in a server with other D4CR users who have already use the move teleports them to you and protects you both. Players must have D4CR at max level for the combined protection to work. There is no limit to how many players can be protected by Full Love Train at once using this. This does not protect/teleport True D4C users.

[F] Magnetite Bunshin (Level 120, 24 second recharge, costs 50 stamina)

D4CR causes everyone in a certain radius around the user to float into the air, then creates clones of all the affected NPCs and players that collide with them, exploding and dealing damage. This move will heal NPCs, but not players if the NPC survives. This move doesn't heal bosses. The damage dealt by this move is the same as D4C's Volcano Dimension without enchantments.

[C] Infinite Twins (Level 130, 28 second recharge, costs 50 stamina)

D4CR creates 12 clones that all have guns, shooting at every NPC and non-allied player around. Lasts 7 seconds. This does about 1/3 of the damage of a regular D4C with a single enchantment's Doppelgangers per shot, making it about even with the regular counterpart when it has one enchant. D4C Requiem's Infinite Twins have the power to shoot in stopped time if they are used before time is stopped.